Sunday, December 08, 2002
      ( 11:19 PM ) Rebecca  
OK, so Galpal #1 was right. Eminem is a smoldering sex god. And it sucks that I will never get to f***k him.

But you know, SBDB ain't bad either. He came with me to my holiday party on Friday night and then we had a little party of our own. And, while I plan to keep my vow of chastity until we’re married, or at least until he’s my boyfriend, I have to say girls, it's not gonna be easy. (Note to A.B., stop reading now!)

Let’s just say this. When I decided to call him Silent But Deadly Boy (thanks for the acronym A.B., even though you’re not supposed to be reading anymore!) I didn’t realize quite how deadly certain parts of him might be. I mean, really! Normally I don’t obsess about such things, but when you see something that beautiful and that big…how can you not want it?

But he says he doesn’t want a girlfriend now, so fine. WHATever. I thought I might want a boyfriend now but I guess I was WRONG. Until he does want a girlfriend, though, that big, beautiful thing will just have to wave sadly in the wind, cause this window is CLOSED for deposits (though still accepting other transactions, thank you).

Meanwhile, I’m not going to tell you whether I accepted the date with the doctor because I know you’ll all be so horribly disappointed in me. But please. Believe me when I say: it is not my fault. He is hardcoded into my genes. Get: Jewish: Doctor: Reproduce: Daughter: Get: Jewish: Doctor: Die: Happy: End.
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