Wednesday, October 16, 2002
      ( 1:02 PM ) Rebecca  

Dating Is Not for the Faint of Heart— So Why Do I Keep Doing IT?!

Well people, let's just say I understand now WHY I didn't put out for the LRS!

Because he is blowing me off. Yes, moi.

Maybe because I wouldn't put out? Or maybe because I got annoyed with him that we went to a party and he flirted madly with, and got the phone numbers of, every single girl in sight? (Dating, I've rediscovered, is NOT for the faint of heart.)

But WHATever (my new mantra)! I don't need the likes of a 23-year old anyway. It's so, like, 11 years ago! And nice muscles aren't everything. Besides, did I mention he had the most humongous nose of anyone I'd ever dated?

Plus, there's a much more promising field of stallions chomping at the bit now. For example:

  • Memphis Boy (MB). Met him that fateful night at the Tractor, when M. was handing out my business cards. Finally went on our first date Monday, the day I felt dumpage coming my way, and the day one of my friends wrote me such a *mean* e-mail it made me cry.

    After all that crap, Memphis boy was like a l'il blonde angel sent from Heaven! Cute, smart, politically engaged, 27 (they're getting older!), with a southern charming accent and a kick-ass smile.

  • Dr. S. (aka Dreamboat). As my friend J. so aptly put it, Dreamboat is like one of those CDs you buy, and don't like on first listening to it; but then it grows on you until you can't get enough. At least I'm hoping J. is right. Because, not only is Dreamboat a dreamboat, he is a dream mate! (This is my mother speaking, not me).

  • Mountain Man (MM). A fixer-upper from aformentioned friend J (who is a fount of single male friends). Imagine! A boy who would drag me up mountains and rock faces! It is my dream, I tell you, my dream. We have yet to go on our first date, but will as soon as I return from the ex-boyfriend tour of New York City.

  • Hotshot Lawyer Boy (HLB) Jewish. Cocky. Tackles the evil corporate forces of the world. Does Yoga (is that good quality in a guy?). Outdoorsy. *Extra added bonus: Loser was always intimidated by him, and therefore hated him. Yet to go on a date with him, but the groundwork has been laid.

    It may be a few days before I write again, since, as mentioned am leaving on the ex-boyfriend tour of the Big Apple tonight. Since I have a phobia of flying, my only consolation, since I know, of course, that my plane will crash, is that, if it does, Loser will probably feel *horrible.* In fact, it might be his undoing! And that's something we can all get behind.
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