Thursday, September 07, 2006
      ( 8:49 AM ) Rebecca  
This has been quite the spring and summer. Let’s recap shall we? A quick list of events:

  • Go on month-long trip to Patagonia.
  • Quit job.
  • Start new job.
  • Become published author.
  • Break up with boyfriend.
  • Go on book tour.
  • Date more than is good for me, trying to fill void.
  • Try to refrain from sleeping with any of my summer boyfriends.
  • Fail.
  • Know it will come back to bite me in the a*s.
  • Work my a*s off in new job (yes, the same a*s that is about to be bitten off).
  • Learn to become “morning person” so as to write next novel (which has absolutely no plot and the whiniest protagonist ever, yes, even whinier than Rachel).
  • Etc.

Phew. Is it any wonder I am tired? That I crave a beach vacation -- sun, sand, margaritas, a snorkel mask, and little tropical fishies?

Now that my favorite season is nearly here, perhaps I can relax. Slow down. Learn to be alone, as GalPal #3 is always telling me to do. As Sensible Girl is always telling Rachel to do in the novel. Unlike my protagonist, unfortunately, I have not been able to learn that lesson. A Gemini and an extrovert, I crave companionship all the time. It is my downfall.

WHATever. I am currently taking applications for companionship. If you are 1)male 2)smoke pot less than ten times a day and 3)are not so laden with emotional baggage that you are unable to move 4)willing to travel and climb mountains and perhaps support me one day, please apply within. As usual, a certificate of mental health will be required. (But, remember, I am easily bribed by compliments and caresses.).

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