Monday, August 14, 2006
      ( 7:40 PM ) Rebecca  
Sometimes I go a few days without checking my mailbox because, yawn, what is in there except boring junk mail and bills?

Well yesterday I received a beautiful pair of earrings in the mail and all I had to do to get them was write a novel!

Yes, I have to thank the talented Ruth Avra, who wrote me a while ago and offered to give me a piece of handcrafted jewelry just because she liked my book so much.

Now that kind of reader love I can really get behind! Jewelry - whoohoo! If there are any designers out there who would like to start loaning me dresses for the red carpet - please, I have room in my closet (since everything is in a ball on the floor). Or, you know, anyone who wants to give me any kind of gift.

In other news, I am extremely tense and neurotic at the moment - not for any one reason, but because everything in my life is in transition, and I have not been on a tropical vacation in far too long. Snorkeling is is one of my top five favorite activities, up there with reading, writing, eating, and kissing. I've been doing plenty of the other four - but no snorkeling! Anyone like to donate a tropical vacation?

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