Thursday, August 31, 2006
      ( 8:51 AM ) Rebecca  
So I was supposed to have some sort of kick-ass day on Aug 29, according to

"Your very best day of the month will be Tuesday, August 29, when Jupiter and Uranus will be in gorgeous angles. The only way to describe this is that it will be a cosmic gift, and news should hit when you least expect it. Your career will bring the kind of news that will make you over-the-moon happy, and in the light of what might happen earlier this month, with the tension and uncertainty, this news might seem almost miraculous when it occurs. Nothing similar to this will happen again until 2008, although you did recently enjoy this aspect in late November 2005 and early May 2006. The third time may be the charm!"

Now it’s true my memory is going but I can’t remember any “cosmic gifts” being bestowed on me that day beyond those I already have my (youth(fulness), drop-dead good looks beauty, prodigious talent, charisma, abundant personal wealth, etc.)

I do remember that day being a motherf*cking b*tch at work. I do remember my publicist in NYC telling me she wouldn’t set up a reading for me in New York because it wasn’t “worth it.”

I don’t exactly remember feeling “over-the-moon-happy” except for five minutes or so during lunch, when I was one-quarter of the way through a margarita (yes I drank a margarita at lunch, take THAT), and laughing so hard I cried. Then the margarita wore off and the witty lunch companion went back to work and I just became over-the-moon tense again, which just doesn’t have the same ring to it at all.

Nothing “miraculous” occurred that I can recall, except that I got something halfway practical done in the evening, which was to shop for furniture. I believe I also put a few things away in my condo, and gained a little ground in the war against the utter chaos of clothes, backpacks, dishes, books, unmade bed, messy closet, unpainted walls, etc etc, that is always threatening to overwhelm me.

I guess those are all miracles enough. Jupiter and Uranus probably just went to find a Gemini who needs those cosmic gifts more than me. But you know. A teeny-tiny one wouldn’t hurt. Just to tide me over to 2008.
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