Saturday, August 12, 2006
      ( 2:10 PM ) Rebecca  
I have come to the unsettling realization that my new crop of coworkers are much more stylish than my coworkers at Club Geeksoft. Not that this is hard to manage - the favored attire at C.G. was a fleece vest bearing a Geeksoft logo over an extra-large t-shirt bearing a Geeksoft logo, with perhaps a baseball cap with a Geeksoft logo to top it all off.

No wonder that for four years I felt like a fashion queen without even trying!

Now, however, when I show up to work with unwashed hair and my stained shirts (at least they don't bear Geeksoft logos!) and sensible sandals, I'm forced to realize I no longer reign supreme.

Oh sure, I can bring it when it matters, 'cause after all, I am Breakup Babe! But on weekday mornings, I now sacrifice my looks for Art. I sacrifice good hair for an extra 20 minutes of writing. I sacrifice a nice outfit for an extra 20 minutes of writing. I'm sacrificing (what's left of) my youth for an extra 20 minutes of writing!


Tonight, at least, I am going to a swank wedding wearing a very sexy dress. Of course I don't have the right jewelry for it, but at least, in my early-summer spending frenzy during which I spent a million dollars on a single suit that I wear for every single television appearance, I purchase some shoes that go with the dress. No doubt the dress is stained somewhere and I will discover that as soon as I go to put it on.

Once I become rich and famous, I will hire a stylist. For now, I remain stained and wrinkled, and oh so superficial -

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