Thursday, July 06, 2006
      ( 8:00 PM ) Rebecca  
So. We are ripping through the first third of July and the weather here is gray, gray, gray! That is all good.

Reader love continues to pour (ok, trickle) in via e-mail and I've posted some of your comments on my author web site. This week I also got a fabulous placement in the Seattle Weekly as the Read of the Week. I like the review, even if it isn't 100% glowing. Hey, I know my book isn't perfect, OK? But this writer made some good points about the novel that even I hadn't thought of. And now EVERYONE IN SEATTLE IS GOING TO BUY MY BOOK!

In "love" news, which is what all you vultures care about, well...

I hesitate to tell you anything, because damn it, I thought I'd left that all behind me. But f*ck if I'm not torn between just going back to my old ways because I was all good for six months when I was dating that, um, guy, and look where it got me?

I know that unless I dismantle this blog competely, I will always be tempted to tell all. And telling all is just not healthy. Too bad it's so f*cking fun.

Why just last week I denied you all a good bit of fun when the Cute Construction Worker (CCW) posted a witty comment upon reading my breathy little post about him (who knew he was reading it?). Oh, maybe some of you saw it. I put it up his comment for a few hours then freaked out and took it down remembering that grim day last November when "Anonymous" commented on the blog for all to see (before I learned how to moderate my comments) that the guy I was dating was still f*cking his ex.

This was a much more fun and lighthearted interaction but spectacle is spectacle. Do I really want to make a spectacle of myself? (Yes.)

Anyway, the CCW has proved himself to be quite a witty and charming sort but somewhat on the elusive side so...we're not holding our breath on that one. Perhaps if we're lucky he'll post another well-written comment and this time I'll publish it because it's summer and I have to get through it somehow.

Meanwhile, I need an intern. If you would like to do menial tasks such as clean my car, pay my bills, install blinds, e-mail my ex-boyfriend and tell him he no longer needs to mail me that key because I made a bunch of copies, and also establish a viral online marketing campaign that will rocket my book to bestsellerdom, apply now! No pay but glamous entree into the world of publishing!

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