Tuesday, June 06, 2006
      ( 8:07 PM ) Rebecca  
Well I had the greatest book launch party a girl could ask for last night at Elliott Bay Books, with all my friends in attendance, and the perfect dress, and just the right amount of nerves to be sharp and not stupid, and oh my goodness, the adoring looks from the crowd sure didn’t hurt either!

They laughed appreciatively in all the right places, and in many places I did not expect them to laugh, and overall my lovely audience made me feel like a STAR, which is all I’ve ever aspired to be in life, that a good, caring person, of course.

Everyone should get a night like that in their life.

Meanwhile, I would never wish my MORNING upon anyone, what with the TWO HOURS it took me to get home after driving my mom to the airport, and which, combined with the hangover and lack of sleep, caused me to have breakdown right there on Highway 99 North.

Ok not a breakdown exactly but let me tell you: I cried.

I was, perhaps, a tad overwrought. Being a celebrity is not easy, you know. I have a lot on my plate right now, with the new job, the new book, Johnny Depp calling CONSTANTLY! However, seeing there was no personal assistant and no Xanax in sight, and my only alternative to just driving through it was to get out of the car, wander around pulling my hair and yelling “Hello, I am a published novelist and and I SHOULD NOT BE STUCK IN THIS TRAFFIC,” and then get put into an institution, I grimly perservered. (If a gun had been handy, it would not have been a good thing.)

When I finally did get back to Seattle, a mere shadow of my former self, at least the hungover boyfriend had not yet gotten out of bed and I could momentarily be comforted by crawling into his arms where he laughed (lovingly) at the fact that I had cried because of traffic.

So back to the positive, it was the world’s biggest thrill to talk at Elliott Bay and now I wish I could relive the whole thing and I don’t think anyone videotaped it so it will have to live on in my memory and I’m sure it will til I’m old and in the nursing home – and oh wait – that’s what I was supposed to say when someone asked me what I was working on next:

“BreakupBabe: The Nursing Home Years,” in which BB and her coterie of pals – you know them all, Sexy Boy, GalPal #1, Henry, Jane – all go live in the same nursing home in Tukwila where more hijinx ensues as BB raids the local community college for boyfriends (forgetting that she is 85) and her pals vow to help her hook a man before her Alzheimer’s gets too advanced!

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