Friday, June 23, 2006
      ( 6:00 PM ) Rebecca  
Lately I've been getting loads of charming e-mail from a variety of people. Since I don't have time to blog today, I'll instead post some e-mails from friends and readers.

The first is a note I I received from the obviously-quite-intelligent-and-literary Zoe. Here is what Zoe had to say:

Don't cry, Breakup Babe.
...and these are three reasons why:

1. You're adorable! That polka-dot dress you wore in Portland is totally fetching, and your new haircut screams "summer fun."

2. Because of the handy "A" in Agiewich, your book is prominently displayed on the top right new books shelves at the Brooklyn Public Library.

3. Because, as Breakup Babe, you are at your bloggy best when broken up. What better promotional opportunity for your increasing fame as a writer? This is all to say...

PLEASE, PLEASE spill the beans on this dope who broke up with you (for someone else!? Impossible). Post an expose! Tell all!

With great hope,

And one from a dear (non-Native-English-speaking) friend (who has clearly been reading the novel and noting my worship of the "holy pink pill" - a.k.a. Celexa, which by the way, I am no longer on, not that there's anything wrong with it.)

Eh, Rebecca, you know - it's painful watching you go on a rollercoaster
from one man to the next, but then again I realized that you actually
like it this way. Nevertheless, it's not easy to watch; it's me who may
need a holy pink pill :-).

That's it from the e-mail bag today!
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