Tuesday, June 27, 2006
      ( 6:05 PM ) Rebecca  
Dear Cute Construction Worker In My Building ,

I’m so glad that when I made my totally unnecessary and ridiculous detour through the garage to get out of the building this morning, that you were actually there – hence, making it an extra two minutes well spent!

Not only that, you walked away from your cute little construction worker mini-project to come talk to me even though we really have no more construction-related business to discuss. After all, the construction is almost done. Only four more days!

You’d think I’d be happy that the infernal hammering will be over – but no! This means I don’t have an indefinite amount of time to make morning detours and keep flirting with you! Nor do I have time to “casually” mention that I broke up with that hunky guy you always saw me with and that that other guy you saw leaving with me that morning was just a “friend” – really! (Well, mostly. But that’s a long story!).

I know I missed my little window of opportunity this morning. The flirting was going so well and there was that nice little "whoosh" feeling in the air, but then your boss came along and it was gone. Oh well. I’ve been out of the dating scene for six whole months so I’m not quite as smooth as I used to be.

Anyway, you probably have a girlfriend. We probably have nothing to talk about. You’re probably too young or too stoned or too-something (or else not-something enough) even though you are super adorable and also hip and intellectual-looking with your cute glasses, pierced nose, and blue cap. So obviously we are completely wrong for each other and any activities outside construction-related discussion can only lead to heartbreak. I therefore conclude I must definitely ask you out.

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