Tuesday, February 14, 2006
      ( 6:15 PM ) Rebecca  
So I go around thinking I'm, like, the hottest thing at Geeksoft today because I'm wearing my tight low-rider "makeout" cords and then happen to notice - late in the day - that not only is a good inch of my underwear showing above the pants, but that aforementioned underwear are on inside out and the tag is sticking up!

So. Sexy.

Yeah, that's me. So, by chance, I have a date tonight but as a recovering dating blogger I can no longer provide details. Hell I shouldn't even be telling you that much. Because once I provide one detail...well, we know where THAT leads. To me pouring out my HEART and SOUL and telling you EVERYTHING and then getting lots of LOVE from all my readers and a BOOK DEAL, and -

Oh, wait, never mind.


That is all the non-news that is fit to print for now.

Yours from fashion faux-pas land,
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