Friday, February 24, 2006
      ( 2:45 PM ) Rebecca  

Breakup Babe Is On Vacation from February 25 to March 27


I’m departing for Patagonia tomorrow. I am due to arrive at my destination, El Calafate, Argentina, sometime Sunday evening in a Xanax-drenched, sleep-deprived haze.

The last couple weeks have been a frenzy of packing shopping running errands freaking out getting drunk calming down working freaking out again.

Should I arrive safely, which is always a dubious proposition, I will embark on a ten-day trek and then some possible mountaineering adventures, if my innate wussiness does not overcome me.

Though I crave such adventures and seem to need them on a semi-regular basis, leaving is always so painful. I resist. I hold on. I have to be torn away, my fingernails leaving marks as I’m lifted off the ground away from everyone I love and the places I know, and my routines – which however boring they’ve gotten, are at least comforting.

But I know if I don’t go, I’ll droop and wilt. I’m already doing it. It’s been too long since I’ve pushed myself into unknown territory.

So here I go.

I may post from there; I may not.

Should I perish, my book will at least be published so you have that to look forward to. Perhaps Li’l Sis would be willing to sign autographs in my place.

For now, farewell.
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