Thursday, January 26, 2006
      ( 5:29 PM ) Rebecca  
OK I've finally admitted this to myself and it's time to admit it to you:

There is going to be no dating advice column this week.

I'm sorry! I know I've let you down! My God, I've let myself down. But you know, vacation yadda yadda, work yadda yadda, book yadda yadda, all kinds of other stuff yadda yadda. But next week we'll be back on track! I promise!

In other news, I purchase my tickets for the big "P" today. Yes, I am officially South America bound on February 25.


In other other news, I've been hanging out with this really sweet, sexy, smart guy lately.

Oh crap, that just slipped out. Ignore it, please.

More soon,
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