Monday, January 09, 2006
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Hello little Breakup Babies. Here are some news items for you:

*The cover of my book is now displayed on Amazon! Doesn't it make you want to preorder that book NOW! I mean, c'mon, there's bound to be a Harry Potter-like mad rush come publication date and you wouldn't want to end up empty-handed would you? What will you read when you go to the beach next summer if not Breakup Babe the novel?!!

*I am not blogging about my love life ever again. Yes I have been saying I'm going to stop for ages, and then not actually doing it. Sure I don't dish as much as I once did but I still manage to get in plenty of references to ye olde love life. I know I'm already disappointing some of you, and I'm sure I will probably disappoint you even more to know that I'm ACTUALLY going to stop this time.

*See here, the problem is, that I, Breakup Babe, am still looking for love. And while I do dearly enjoy writing about it all - as I have done ever since I was thirteen years old and blathered on in my first journal about how cute Mike Robinson looked in his white carpenter pants (not much has changed, obviously)- the time has come for me to get over this addiction.

*Because it is had a negative effect on pretty much every relationship I've been involved in post-blog, and especially post-losing-my-anonymity. (Not that losing my anonymity is a bad thing. I once thought it was loads of fun to write about people without them knowing about it. I still think its loads of fun but I no longer think it's right.)

*And it's hard enough to find a relationship without a big strike against you already. Sure, any guy I date is gonna have to deal with the fact that I wrote a very dishy book that decapitates a few exes (in a nice way, of course). And whatever guy I end up with will be able to handle that, of course. But we don't need the extra liability of a kiss-and-tell blog to weigh down our relationship from the start.

*So what am I gonna write about, you ask?

*That is a good question. There are sooo many things to write about in this world, as my dear friend GalPal #1 has often pointed out to me. And just because I happen to totally kick ass at writing about relationships doesn't mean I can't write about other stuff.

*So we'll just have to see, won't we? I'll keep the dating advice column 'cause it's fun and besides that - well, who knows. Meanwhile, there are plenty of people who will still dish about their love life. God knows I sure love to read that crap. Here's one of my favorites.

*But don't you fear, I'll still be around, dishing

*Love always, Breakup Babe

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