Wednesday, December 14, 2005
      ( 9:29 AM ) Rebecca  
Well people, I have to say this: it's lonely at the top.

How many times have I heard this in the last year from men? "Oh BB, you're too beautiful/successful/adventurous/ brilliant for me! And while I would love to f*ck your brains out, I'm afraid I cannot commit due to the fact that I am only (35-45) years old and not "ready" for a relationship! "

Sheesh. I tell you, men my in my age group are whacked. Their emotional baggage (not to mention those extra pounds they're packin' on) appears to cause paralysis. Let's check in with Trixie, shall we? Never one to care for such things as "the future" and her "unborn children," I bet she's been having more fun than me!

BB: Trixie - while I have been chasing age-appropriate men around in circles, what have you been up to?

Trixie: (tosses long, blonde locks and takes a sip of her Bloody Mary.) Met a hot twenty-something guy a few weeks ago. Spent last weekend with a brooding, broad-shouldered kayak racer. Oh yeah, and finally asked out that outdoorsy writer guy I've been eyeing at the coffee shop.

BB: Jeez. Twenty-something, eh?

Trixie: Yeah. I highly recommend it. They've got way less baggage than the old dudes. They don't worry about the future and all that sh*t. They just go for it. Plus they're more adventurous and spontaneous and will usually stay up past 9 pm and will do things like dance all night long and fool around with you on swingsets in the fog. (Smiles dreamily into her drink).

BB: (Shocked. Then disapproving.) I dunno, Trixie, one of my pet peeves about guys my age is that they're always looking for younger women! I wouldn't want to be a hypocrite.

Trixie (Bored). Well whatever. I'm not telling you what YOU should do. You asked me what I was up to. Now is this interview over? I think you're late for work and I gotta work on my latest assignment for Glamor Magazine.

BB: Wow, what are you writing for Glamor?

Trixie: Oh it's a piece about the most eligible bachelors at Geeksoft. People can't get enough of that damn company. I don't know why. They're so...1995.

BB: (Morose) How did you get that gig? I want to write an article for Glamor about the most eligible bachelors at Geeksoft! Maybe one of them would marry me!

Trixie (Pityingly) Yeah well. Next time you come up with the idea. (Her glacier-blue eyes rove the place like a predator's, then turn back to me) Later, Babe. Good luck. You need it!

And there you have it. Trixie. Not so nice, is she? But she sure has lots of fun and doesn't mope around like some people we know.

Meanwhile, you've read my writing, you've seen my face. Now all that's left is to meet me in person and hear my voice. Well you can hear me now - on WrimoRadio! At the bottom of the WrimoRadio page, click the "Listen Now" link. When the player appears, you can choose to listen to the whole dang thing, or skip to minute 14:35, where the short interview with yours truly starts. I'm talking - of course - about my soon-to-be-born baby, Breakup Babe the novel!

[Quick note about the comments: if Haloscan appears to "eat" your comment - it's not - even if a blank screen appears after you post it. (Grrr.) I'm now moderating the comments which means I get to read/approve all of them before they get published. This is a "beta" feature of Haloscan - hence the wonkiness. We here at BB World Headquarters appreciate your patience in allowing me to filter out the meanies.]
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