Friday, December 16, 2005
      ( 4:35 PM ) Rebecca  
Do you ever have recurring dreams about a person with whom you are 96.8% sure you will never have a relationship?

We're not talking s*x dreams here .No, I'm talking dreams full of romantic longing! Feautring the two of you (tortured artistes both) - wearied and weak from love's ruthless battering- reaching out across the void to comfort each other as melancholy music plays and you embrace on a train hurtling through the dark Hungarian countryside?

Yeah. Well I'm having variations on this damn dream all the time. Then I see this person and have the most stilted conversations known to mankind. After which I go and have some sepia-toned dream about how we're all madly in love again.

LOVE. Does such a thing exist? I think I've known it once or twice but it's been so long I forget what it's like! I keep having dreams about it and in my dreams it feels SO. GOOD. Sigh.

Meanwhile, anyone wanna go trek this baby with me in February? Otherwise I'm gonna pay $2000 to some hot young guide to take me 'cause I like to throw my money around like that. Maybe if I pay a little extra he'll pony up some additional services if you know what I mean.

Before I wrap up, I must extend a word thanks to Sexy Blue-Eyed Boy who is constantly out there on the front lines, trying to find dates for me when I'm home sleeping. He solicits the e-mail addresses of numerous rugged young men and even lies about my age for me. What a pal!

Lastly, don't forget to send your most burning dating questions so I can answer them on Mondays.

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