Tuesday, November 15, 2005
      ( 10:06 PM ) Rebecca  
Let’s see. It’s Tuesday. I do not have much more to say than that. I wore a dorky outfit today, ate too much cake, had bad hair, got a big needle poked into my arm, and cannot see out my living room window because it is now covered in plastic wrap.

Not only is it covered in plastic wrap, I paid my condo association a whole lot of money for this plastic wrap and not only that, when I bought this place I knew I would have to pay a whole lot of money for plastic wrap that would obscure my view.

But never mind that. Let’s look on the bright side, shall we?


Our debut gig went well. I have a novel coming out in a few months. I appear to have no horrible diseases – yet. My home may be shrink wrapped but it has not recently been hit by a hurricane, tsunami, earthquake or terrorist bomb.

I even – gasp! – have an idea for my next novel!

As for the blog, well, I’ll probably just keep it as it is.

But who cares right at the moment. The main thing is I get to go to bed soon and read a book and slough off the semi-lameness of the day in somebody else’s imaginary world.

Yes I know, the GLAMOR!
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