Saturday, November 19, 2005
      ( 1:35 PM ) Rebecca  

You may have noticed that my comments are down. I’m not exactly sure why. All I got was an error message saying: “System overloaded with bitterness, pettiness, and catiness. Start paying the price of fame, yo. "

Wow! Who knew Haloscan possessed such functionality! No doubt when and if the comments re-open they will do so with the moderation feature enabled. I tell you – I’m not sure I’m cut out for this celebrity thing. While most of my readers are adoring (thank you!), there is a small but vocal contigency of bored, broken-down people who must not only use me as a punching bag but track my every move and the moves of my various beaux. “BB seen snorting coke in the back room of the Dubliner! Modeling contract with Dior cancelled!” “BB’s BoyToy #1 caught in the act with Paris Hilton – BB turns to Vince Vaughan for comfort!”

Good God, people, have you really nothing better to do? Tweeze your eyebrows? Procreate with your relatives? Besides, Vince and I are just friends. FRIENDS. Got that?

In other news, I have completed the slog through my copyedited novel and am about to send all eight million pages of it back. Can we believe it is done? CAN WE BELIEVE I HAVE FINALLY COMPLETED A NOVEL? Much as I complain about feeling blah, and bleh, and blue, I just have to say that about this I feel good. Real good. I feel light as a feather! This book is off my back! My baby is almost out in the world and I am now free to shackle myself with another!

In still further news, I am (sort-of) busy planning my great Patagonian escape. Of course, for me, “planning” usually entails telling everyone I know, “Hey I’m going to Patagonia!” then not reading my guidebook or making any plans until the very last second, but so it goes. In a few months I will lose myself among the windswept peaks and valleys of Torres del Paines National Park – often referred to in hushed tones by veteran world travelers as the “best” place they have ever been.

I am hoping that a magazine editor for say, Outside Magazine will hear that I am “planning” this trip, call me up, and say “BB – we want you to write a feature on your Patagonian adventure! Kind of a Carrie Bradshaw meets hot South American mountaineering guides – type thing!” But alas, even with my oh-so-minor celeb status, if I want any big-time editor to notice me, I am going to have to start cranking out query letters and coming up with actual ideas and for some reason, I am feeling a bit tapped. Not up to the task of cranking out query after query.

I think, however, that I am up to the task of buying shoes. Which I will proceed to do momentarily.

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