Friday, November 11, 2005
      ( 9:14 AM ) Rebecca  
Darlings, I am abuzz with anxiety these days. Buzz, buzz, buzz! Book, buzz, boys, buzz, work, buzz, band buzz, what's next in my life now buzzzzzzz!

It's ridiculous, really. I should go back on the little pink pills or smoke a bowl or start going to Yoga again. I hardly breathe anymore. Or when I do, it's certainly not deep, cleansing breaths. We're talking short, hyperventilating little puffs!

But enough about me. Let's talk about me. I mean - you. We've all noticed how I don't dish about boys anymore because I'VE BECOME CELIBATE. But I do so like writing about boys that I was toying with the idea of making stuff up. Turning this into a sort of fictional blog where I could write about racy dating adventures to my heart's - and your's - content! Since you can't read about my "real" love life anymore, would you like reading about a made-up one? Just checking.

Someone suggested a while back that I turn the site into a dating advice column. I've toyed with that idea too. Not a bad one. I might yet do it at some point. Because clearly I have so much wisdom to share about healthy relationships and how to find one!

The bottom line is, this blog is the best marketing platform I have for my book. So tell me, aside from posting naughty pictures, what is the best way to get and keep new readers? What can I do to get you all whipped up into a buying frenzy?

In other news, the copyedit slog continues. Today's favorite edit from Miss Copyedititrice.

Sentence: "The phrase 'up-and-down' fails to do justice to my emotional state about as much as the word 'hot" does to Benicio del Toro's physical state."

Comment: "Author, Benicio isn't actually hot, he appears hot or or has an aura of hotness."

OK missy! Fine! From now on I'm not going to say "Dangerously Delightful Boy is hot," I'm going to say "DDB has an aura of hotness! Especially when he takes off his shirt. "

In still other news, I have recently reconnected with a delightful high-school friend of mine who is now a glamorous screenwriter in L.A. She is going to adapt BB the novel for the screen and we are both going to become rich and famous. At which point I can buzz with anxiety about a whole bunch of different stuff. Money, buzz. Swiss bank acccount buzz. Botox, buzz. Paparazzi, buzz buzz.

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