Monday, November 28, 2005
      ( 5:11 PM ) Rebecca  
All right. I am back from another sojourn to baby, cat, and dog-land. As usual, when visiting my family, I turned into a passive, overfed slug. My light-speed life slows down to such a degree that I become almost completely catatonic, while simultaneously regressing to a state of junior-high-school-esque insecurity. In other words, I am *lots* of fun.

Then, of course, there is the whole flying part of the equation. This, as you know, is extremely treacherous. Especially, when, like today, due to some unspeakable snafu, I was forced to sit in a middle seat! The flight becomes 50% more dangerous when I cannot sit by the window, where I must vigilantly look outside at all times to ensure the flight is not plummeting to the Earth! I thought about informing my seatmate of this so she would trade with me, but she did not look as if she would welcome such a suggestion. In fact, she looked like she might cause a big, fat scene. So I took more Xanax and somehow managed to keep the flight aloft from my middle seat, though I tell you it was MUCH harder.

Meanwhile, that canned airplane air killed any creativity I might have so I will sign off. You might notice the comments are back, though I will now be moderating them. That is, I will only publish you if you're nice to me.

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