Tuesday, October 25, 2005
      ( 9:44 AM ) Rebecca  
Oh wait, I forgot to include a few words from one of the most beautiful rock ballads ever written:

"Comes a time when you're driftin'
Comes a time when you settle down
Comes a light feelin's liftin
'Lift that baby right up off the ground"
-Neil Young

I am so drifting right now! I'm drifting and lifting and it's scary and exhilarating and sad all at once. Scary because I don't know where I'm going next. Will anyone buy my book? Will I manage to write a next book? (Is something wrong with me that I haven't started my next book?) Will I actually jet off to Patagonia as planned to lose myself in the windswept peaks and valleys of Torres del Paines?

Exhilarating because I could do almost anything I want. I could jet off to Argentina this very moment if I wanted to. Why, thanks to the payout from the recent Geeksoft class-action lawsuit, I am a gazillionaire! (OK, a gazthousandaire). There's nary a thing tethering me to this earth but a mortage and a job.

But that's just a little sad too, isn't it?

Moving on. While we're on the music theme, it IS true that my band' s first real gig is fast approaching. If you're anywhere near this bar on November 12, come on in and join the par-tay! I will be signing autographs and sleeping with cute groupies after the show.

In preparation for that, my carpool buddy and I sang songs all the way into work today. The Beatles. Neil Young. Hank Williams. The Carpenters. Captain and Tenille. Of course, we could never finish a single song or stay on key, but still - it was the most rockin'est way to start the day ever.
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