Friday, October 14, 2005
      ( 10:50 AM ) Rebecca  

Breakup Babe's Miscellaneous Fashion Notes

  • It is a great day when your arch-enemy wears very unflattering pants and you look like a s*x goddess.
  • On the days you look like a s*x goddess, you will not have a hot date.
  • Since you look like a s*x goddess most of the time, this could pose a problem.
  • Just kidding.
  • I received no less than six compliments on my over-the-knee pink-and-red-striped socks yesterday (that I was wearing with a miniskirt).
  • I would post a picture of my socks for you, but unfortunately, in that photo I am not wearing much else.
  • No I will not send you that photo.
  • If you want to see good photos, look at GalPal #2s Web site. She kindly lends me many cute clothes including the famous "make-out" cords.
  • Actually, they are not famous, I'm just saying that.
  • It's just that once I wore them to a party before which Sexy-Blue-Eyed Boy predicted I would "definitely make out with someone" because of the pants.
  • Lo and behold I did. He was cute too.
  • Maybe I should wear those cords more.
  • Then again, he was very flaky.
  • Maybe I shouldn't wear them any more.
  • Oh, whatever.

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