Tuesday, October 11, 2005
      ( 9:40 AM ) Rebecca  
Boy, what is with me? I keep starting blog entries than not finishing them, meanwhile keeping all you people DESPERATELY AWAITING the next installment of family-friend BB!

So let’s see, what can I tell you that won’t get me in trouble? Not much, that’s for damn sure. I can tell you this: my life is family-friendly at the moment! There ain’t much that’s naughty going on around here unless you count wearing a dress that one needs to be taped into, and falling out of it discreetly a few times due to poor taping job.

Yeah, that’s kind of exciting, isn’t it? Let’s see I’ve been eating healthily and exercising a lot, and sleeping well, and – oh wait, scratch that. I have NOT been sleeping well. I have INSOMNIA lately, which is so unlike me! I usually sleep a solid nine hours a night, which is how I maintain my dewy youth.

Perhaps because I’ve been contemplating some *dramatic* life changes, which I can’t, of course, talk about. (And no, I don’t plan to become a man or a scientologist!) All I can say is I better start sleeping again soon, because I might start to look my age. (Which really isn’t that old? Is it?)

Meanwhile, the dangerous shopping spree appears to have stopped, though I’m no more “fulfilled” than I was before it started – I just ran out of money. Prospects for fulfillment are looking oh-so-marginally better since the (insert acronymn here because I haven't thought of a good one yet) has risen from his deathbed. Yet, due to various circumstances that have nothing to do with actual libidos (at least I don't think they do) we seem to be conducting a Victorian-era romance.

While this is far superior to say, jumping immediately into bed with someone only to realize three weeks later you have not a single word to say to each other (not that I have ever done such a thing, of course!) it is – however – a big tease to a lusty lass such as myself who is – I might add – a tad excitement-deprived right now.

Yes, dear readers, it is true. I am bored. BORED! Though I adore my life here in Seattle, it is time to SHAKE THINGS UP. Soon, of course, I’ll be a bestselling author with loads of groupies but that’s still months away. I gotta make some sh*t happen lest I remain a jaded cynic who just can’t get excited about anything anymore. I realize that being bored is a luxury and that I am supremely lucky for everything I have: health, happiness, book contract with major publishing house, cool condo, great friends, cushy job, good health, comfort, happiness, ease, and even the promise of s*x!

But I have my little plans for getting my joie de vivre back, don’t you worry. I am just not at liberty to discuss them quiet yet. Aren't I MYSTERIOUS?
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