Friday, September 09, 2005
      ( 10:21 AM ) Rebecca  
Hmm, I should not have mentioned that word "happiness."

No sooner did I mention it than I have a mini panic attack about Chapters 25-27 of my book which really do not represent my finest writing. Those were the chapters I wrote during the brutal months of April and May. The months of Writers Block. I got them done but was never happy with them. When I handed them off I thought "I'll fix these in the revision stage!"

Well guess what. It's the revision stage. And I don't feel like fixing them. I think I'll just have a few more panic attacks and maybe a whole lotta cocktails. After all, my editor liked them well enough and she should know, right? Right.

But at least it's cold and rainy and I finally got to break out the black boots and sweaters again - yes! No more pressure to get pedicures or be blissfully happy.

Plus my band might finally have a real-life gig. If I have not said this before, my band is the best thing to happen to me in my whole life. (Oh wait. Except for selling my novel!) Sure, we play in a garage most of the time, but it's me and four boys and I get to totally pretend like I'm a rock star.

And rock stars get even more leeway than writers to be pains-in-the a*ses!
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