Wednesday, August 03, 2005
      ( 6:22 PM ) Rebecca  
So yes, I am a few days behind on my book deadline, but what writer worth their salt gets a book in on time? Sheesh. And yes, I was out getting drunk the night before my deadline, but again - I ask you - what good writer wouldn't be?

Meanwhile, I need your suggestions. So I think you're all aware that I work at a megalithic software company in the Seattle area, oui? (And there is only one megalithic software company in the Seattle area.)

I have fictionalized aforementioned company in my novel, but have yet to come up with its fictional name. It can be humorous but should also be fairly realistic. You are a creative bunch so let me know if you have any sizzling ideas.

The winner gets my undying love (and a cocktail if I ever happen to hop on over to where you live).
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