Tuesday, July 05, 2005
      ( 10:00 AM ) Rebecca  
Hello, hello! I just came back from a whirwind trip to Hollywood where four different directors wined and dined me for the opportunity to direct the film adaptation of my book, and I conducted private interviews with the hottest males stars today (including Jake Gyllenhaal and Johnny Depp) who are dying to play one of the various amours de Breakup Babe.

Aw just kidding. Really I just came back from idyllic Whidbey Island, where I spent many hours tearing through the rough draft of Breakup Babe - The Final Section, biking beside blue water, and eating chocolate chip pecan pie. I also went to bed at 10 p.m. every night, and shamelessly devoured chick lit, the chocolate chip pecan pie of the literary world!

Only to return to a condo, with books all over the floor, furniture pointed every which way, and the walls painted strange, pale orange and yellow colors that make it look like some cushy spa in the Carribbean.

Oh wait. I chose those strange colors. I paid someone to paint them on my wall and tear the place apart. Right. Duh. That is right, after months of procrastinating; after months of sampling colors on my wall (8, 9, 10 different colors!), I finally, FINALLY chose some damn colors, ultimately ignoring the advice of my interior designer, and the results are.. I'm not sure yet. Perhaps when the place looks like less of a disaster zone I'll be able to figure it out. In any case, at least it's done now.

In other news (the kind of news you all love the best), I have a date tonight with a boy who really sounds too good to be true, so no doubt he will be. My big dilemma for the evening is not what to wear but whether to tell him upfront about my blog or let him discover it.

Because all it takes is one little Google of my name to find it, and for all I know, he might have done that already. Hmm. I will have to play that one by ear. But I have decided that from now on I won't write about someone unless I get their permission. Yes, BORING, I know! We've established long ago that I'm boring, though, so let's move on to other subjects. Like how much gray hair I have.

Eegads! I've been in the rather expensive habit of coloring my hair every couple months for the last year or so, and now that I' m overdue, there are all of a sudden a whole bunch of gray hairs that were not there before! Let's have a somber moment, shall we, as BB really faces for the first time the fact that she has actually started to age. Waahhh! Never mind the lithe body and the face the looks, oh-mid-twenties, and the fact that she is the same age as many of American's hottest and most beautiful female stars - Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Katherine Zeta Jones!

Well. I may be moving into the ranks of the middle-aged, but my life seems to hold more possibility than ever before.

So there you stupid gray hairs!
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