Wednesday, June 15, 2005
      ( 10:12 AM ) Rebecca  
You guys are such good sports to stick with me even as I become so deathly dull in my dotage and my celebrity-dating phase. But what celebrity would that be? NONE! Because this is now a Celebrity-free zone. He's out of the blog for good, because that's a promise I made way back when and I have to keep it because - well, he wants me to. And I gotta respect that. Even though it makes my blog so....zzzzzz.

So say bye-bye to the pretty celebrity. Bye bye! We could have said so much about you!

In other news. My coffee-shop-writing experience has been greatly marred this morning by two obnoxious theater types talking loudly at the next table. Can't they see that there is a GENIUS AT WORK here (or at least a talented hack) and they need to shut the f*ck up?

I am almost ready to hand off the section of the book I've been slaving and sweating and writinging my hands over for the last 2.5 months, and start working on the final section . Yes, that would be the ENDING. Now that is exciting. Exciting but frightening as it will mean another two months of increasingly anguished effort, but my - after two years of working on this book - it is exhilarating to glimpse the end. Because it's there. I know it is. No matter how elusive it might prove to be in the next two months, no matter how I whine and tell you I'm never going to finish it or it's going to be horrible, my ending is there and I'm going to find it, and it's going to rock.


Meanwhile, my rock star debut approaches. I hope I do not embarrass myself or my band. I hope the spaghetti strap of my dress does not fall down while I'm playing to cause a Janet-Jackson-like moment. I hope I do not get drunk and morose because I do not have a date. I hope I get drunk and happy and flirty and escape the dangerous double-edge of champagne unscathed.

Wish me luck.
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