Wednesday, June 22, 2005
      ( 4:59 PM ) Rebecca  
What a grey and lonely day outside!

Perfect for my mood.

What is with me these days? Lonely, lonely, lonely, even though I've got all the friends in the world.

Is it because I'm dating someone who's in absentia most of the time? Is it because I'm off my meds (three months now!)? Is it because most of my friends are married? Am I just a person who's prone to feeling this way? A melancholy artiste? A writer whose a solitary profession is at odds with my extroverted personality? Am I spending too much time in the city and not enough in the mountains? Is it just another form of post-birthday depression? Is it because my family lives far away and I must ride a plane to see them?

I don't know. Probably some combination of all these things. What I do know is I have no friggin' reason to feel sorry for myself whatsoever. Does that stop me? NO.

But you can help. That's right! Just participate in the Adopt-a-Breakup Babe program, which means that on a given Saturday night, I come over to your house, eat a home-cooked meal ( take-out is fine in a pinch ), entertain your children (because BB always forgets her own woes around children), then you tuck me into bed with a good book, assure me I am lovable, and be there in the morning when I wake up (preferably with breafast ready) so I do not get my Sunday-morning sadness!

I got this idea from listening to this DJ today, who was suggesting an Adopt-an-Artist program, wherein you take in depressed artists, give them some TLC, and reassure them that everything is going to be OK. The goal being that they ultimately they keep producing great art and don't off themselves.

I'm certainly not about to off myself, don't worry about that. And most of my friends are doing pretty well at the inviting-me-over and feeding me dinner part. But, you know, I just thought I'd extend the invitation to all of you are serious about helping support great art.

Or at least great chicklit.
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