Monday, June 20, 2005
      ( 4:25 PM ) Rebecca  
My goodness but my brain is tired. I am slogging through a bunch of revisions right now so that - within a day or two - I can start writing the final section of my book. That's right. The ending! I hope it won't be as hard to write as the section I've been working on, but my guess is it will be. If not harder. This is the section where the crisis/climax/ephipany and resolutions have to happen in one fell swoop. But never mind that. I will start panicking about it soon enough, especially since my deadline is August 1.

Ha ha! August 1!

Meanwhile, must. finish. current. section.

To boost productivity today, I did, unfortunately feel suddenly "ill" and was not able to go to work. I've been "resting" at the Seattle public library. Remember that place? That big, inspiring, light-filled structure where almost one year ago I met Library Boy, looking all cute and scholarly across the table from me, and was therefore launched on a stormy eight-month journey?

Yeah well. Luckily I didn't see him here again, nor did I encounter any attractive men. Just as well. They are distracting. I was also able to write just fine on the 10th floor Reading Room, which is where we met, without getting all weepy or anything. So there!

In other news, the wedding gig went smashingly well. We had the best audience you could ask for, because they were tipsy and happy and hopeful and danced to every single song! Even the songs about shooting heroin in basements! In addition, my keyboards were drowned out by the other instruments, so no one could hear my f*ck-ups. On the flip side, no one probably heard my sweet little solo either, but whatever: there's always next time.

I sang a couple numbers too, and while I suspect I went off-key once or twice, everyone was too busy dancing to notice. Gotta love that.

No real flirting occurred, but I was occupied enough by my own butterflies that I didn't get bored. Nor did any guys fling their underwear at me, but I'm hoping that happens next time. Now if only we could find another gig. Getting married soon? Call us! We love weddings!

I am slowly getting into the swing of this summer thing. At times, I am quite a grump about summer. I hide from the sun, pray for rain, think everyone else out there is having a smashing, romantic time strolling by the lake with their beloved while it's only me who feels unloved and alone. But that's only on Sundays, my all-time worst day of the week. And usually only on Sunday mornings.

Today, however, on a hot, sunny Monday when I'm "sick", and the rest of the world is at work, and I'm doing what I love best in a big, airy place filled with books, I can get with the program.

Summer ain't so bad.
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