Monday, May 02, 2005
      ( 12:51 PM ) Rebecca  
Not that you'd know it from how little I post these days, but things are never boring around here. That's because the minute I get bored I cook up some drama!

Oh - dating life a little slow? Refresh your personal ad and meet TWO hot guys at once! (Not to mention that long-distance hottie who recently rocked your boat). Make things even more complicated by liking them both!

Feeling a bit too healthy? Rush to the doctor and ensnare yourself in a two-month ordeal of waiting to see if that little lump is harmless or evil. Find out, at last that it is harmless.

(Oh no, what will you stress about now??)

Well there's always global warming! Or you could go on a PLANE RIDE! I'm sure if you look harder, you can find another suspicious lump!

Or- how about this - worry (with no evidence whatsoever) that you're going to get kicked out of your band you now love so much because, you were a nerdy Beethoven-playing child and while you can read music like a mo' fo', improvising still comes slowly to you (though you can sure do it better than you did a year ago).

The book is going too well? Your editor likes it a little too much? Cook up some writer's block! Sit in coffeehouses and write drivel - day in and day out. Worry about how you're going to disappoint all your fans because your book is not going to be nearly as well-written as your blog!

Because God forbid, you could just take it easy for once without agitating like a washing machine to make things happen. But what would there be to write about then??
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