Tuesday, April 12, 2005
      ( 5:39 PM ) Rebecca  
Yes I know, poor me: I'm being paid to write a novel! My life is sooo hard!

Excuse me for that whinefest yesterday. I am feeling somewhat more on the ball today after getting up at the crack of dawn (7 a.m.) and writing for two full hours before work, during which time I drank two cups of my own lethal coffee (one cup = 4 cups of "normal" coffee) got a decent (yay!) draft of one chapter written, tried out a creepy flesh-colored paint on my wall (it was called "pumpkin seed" so how was I to know?), shaved my legs (not very well I might add), and blow-dried my long-lustrous tresses (one of the world's most boring tasks).

I have to apologize for being so elusive about my dating life. At last there is one, but my newfound Googleability has made me a bit gun shy. Maybe I'll get over it.

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