Sunday, April 24, 2005
      ( 8:26 PM ) Rebecca  
With a little help from my editor, I've momentarily sidestepped my writer's block. I'm writing pure drivel, mind you, but I'm filling up pages. I do know, however, that writing drivel now is the first step to writing slightly-more-polished trash later, and then - halleleujah - brilliant prose!

It's just so painful to write drivel! Ouch! And I only have about a month to turn this drivel into brilliant prose. So far, I've been one of those rare writers who turns everything into her editor on time. Will my amazing run last? Tune in later and see - my next deadline is June 1!

Moving on. My brief foray into the online personals three weeks ago has been more fruitful than I thought possible.

Yes, I BB, am getting down again. The hardest part has been narrowing my choices. Because if I've learned anything from the last two years is that juggling men is, in the end, dangerous. I end up dropping them all. I end up strung out, confused, and always, in the end, alone.

Which is fine. I mean, boyfriends take up a lot of writing time. But it would be nice to have something work out.

For once.

But if it doesn't fine. There are lots of books to be read and lots of sleep to be had. And I write so much better when I'm h*rny anyway.
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