Thursday, April 07, 2005
      ( 8:23 AM ) Rebecca  
I must have tried at least five times to post something yesterday but $#%! Blogger wouldn't let me!

Anyway, I know you're all just jonesing for you Breakup Babe fix, so in short order, here's the latest:

First and foremost, yours truly is no longer anonymous. Any would be suitor can now Google me and discover that I am the author of a seemingly man-hating (yet undeniably entertaining!) blog.

So I am off to Montana to live under a rock because I clearly have no chance of finding a husband anymore - except as GalPal #3 pointed out - one who doesn't have Internet access, and they are all living in Montana under rocks as well (writing anti-government propaganda in longhand.)

It's too bad because the Breakup Babe of yore seems to have re-emerged, if only temporarily, shaking her booty in bars around town and meeting attractive, high-quality (!) men.

If anyone is aware of a good rock, please let me know. Close to a stream would be good. Close to a coffee shop would be even better, but I know that's a bit much to ask.
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