Wednesday, March 16, 2005
      ( 5:33 PM ) Rebecca  
Two miracles occured today.

It rained. Finally! Not only did it rain (is still raining, oh thank you Lord) it hailed. Hard! Even in my unquenchable thirst for precipitation, even I couldn't stand outside in it for too long.

Gosh. Do you remember the days that playing in the rain was just something you did? Running around with your friends, splashing through the gutters, getting as wet as can be? Without a care for what it might do to your hair, your clothes. Which brings me to Miracle Number Two.

I am having a good hair day. Otherwise, I would go run around in that beautiful, wet weather. Hmm. Maybe I should anyway.

What could possibly be next on the list of miracles? A hot boy to make out with. NO! I am pushing my luck. Thank you, o powers that be for the rain and the good hair, I dare not ask for anything more!

Love, Breakup "All I ever talk about is the weather" Babe
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