Thursday, March 31, 2005
      ( 12:32 PM ) Rebecca  

Just a note that I will be on vacation for a few days. Yes, I know, with how little I post, it would seem I am on constant vacation, but really I am just working on that little novel of mine.

Plus, there hasn't been much to write about datewise, though I did (gasp!) go on a date this past weekend. As for that one, I ran through the entire range of emotions, from: "hmm, not as cute as I thought he would be" to "hmm, he's really cute" to "wow, this guy is so funny and smart and outdoorsy and I bet we're going to get married" to "hmm, i don't know if we have much to talk about" to "Hmm, I would go out with him again." So it seems we will go out again, should I return from my vacation without dying in a fiery plane crash.

And I have another date lined up next weekend with a local-hot-stud-quasi-celebrity (how's that for a noun stack?) Not that I care about celebrity or money or looks any such thing! No - all I care about it - how large is their - I mean, I care about the inside! The heart! The soul!

That's it for the personal ads. I got a crop of respondents, picked a few promising ones, then hid my little cleavage-baring self away for now. We'll see how these boys play out.

It feels odd to be dating again. I am creaky and out-of-practice. But one small step away from my ex-boyfriends is one giant step from mankind. I shall return Monday evening, barring fiery you-know-whats.

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