Tuesday, March 15, 2005
      ( 9:21 AM ) Rebecca  
Darlings, I have to commend those of you who are sticking with me in this period of draught (literally and figuratively), When all I do is talk about the weather and Scary Medical Tests (Did you know I'm really 77?) Perhaps I should start updating you on bowel movements too!

So here's what I have to say today. It's cloudy. Yay! The sun seems to be sneaking in, though. No!!

I had a dream last night in which Vince Vaughn was my boyfriend and we cuddled on the couch. It was the best dream I've had in a while next to that hot s*x dream I had about Sexy Boy the other day. Yay!

My friend M. is here from Taiwan for a week and life is better when he's around. Yay!

GalPal #1 is moving into a big house with The Professor where I can go over for dinner all the time - yay!

My editor told me that if everyone was as "easy to edit" as me she would be "vastly overpaid." Yay!
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