Tuesday, February 22, 2005
      ( 8:24 PM ) Rebecca  
Here's what I'd like right now.

A little cabin somewhere rainy. Or even snowy. Where I could write and not be distracted by all this damn SUN! When I moved to Seattle, I did not sign up for SUN in the WINTER! Granted, it's better than that bullsh*t wishy-washy lightly overcast crap that usually prevails in the winter. But still.

I am a very restless person by nature, and I - grr - don't like - grr - to be inside when it's --- SUNNY! I want to be out climbing mountains and riding bikes and skiing but nooo.....Must. Work. Must. Write. Must. Have. No. Life.

El Nino is taking my weather and depositing it someone else. And I want to be there. With a fireplace, red wine, nice mountains nearby where I could exercise my HOT, CURVACEOUS BOD during the sunbreaks and a blisteringly sexy man who will leave me alone when I need to get my writing done, cook gourmet meals, and then provide a little creative inspiration when my work is done for the day.

Know of such a place?
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