Monday, February 21, 2005
      ( 9:51 AM ) Rebecca  
Boy. Why did I even TRY to get out of bed "early" today?

Maybe because I went to sleep at 10:30, one might think I could drag myself out of bed before 8:30, and then out of the house before nine, to get quality writing done before getting to work at 11 - but you'd be wrong!

After a trying morning that involved 1)attempting to drive downtown and park for free because I thought it was a "holiday" 2)doing a crappy and highly-involved parallel parking job in front of several impatient cars only to realize that parking wouldn't be free 3)driving to an area where I knew parking would be free but parking in a load zone first 4)accidentally ordering a decaf for my first cup of coffee 5)then staring at my computer screen in a catatonic stupor, trying to quell rising feelings of panic about the rapidly approaching due date of my book, I am now on my second cup of coffee, trying to rouse myself out of aformentioned stupor to enjoy the fact that I am 1)young(ish)! 2)successful(ish!) 3)getting paid to write a novel! 4)it is sunny outside and I am footloose and fancy free(ish) - minus the mortgage and the book deadline and the biological alarm clock that is about to go off.

I have not yet succeeded but hopefully I will before day's end.

In other news...there is no other news. Dating life - dead as a doornail. Which is how it should be at this point at time, as I concentrate every last ounce of energy into my Art. Then, by the time I finish my book, I will be old and withered and won't have to worry that men are just after me for my hot, curvaceous bod.

OH WAIT. MY BOOK IS DUE IN SIX MONTHS. Well, I'm sure I'll have a few more gray hairs by then. But I'll be sure to dye those f*ckers 'cause I gotta be ready to meet up with Jake and Johnny and all the stars who'll be dying to play the major love interest in the book.

THE MAJOR LOVE INTEREST? I thought the book was just about you making out with millions of guys, dumping them all, and ending up as a famous author?

I'll let you in on something. I don't know how the damn thing is gonna end. I'm thinking it all depends on what happens in my love life between now and the time I turn it in. I will say this: I would like there to be a major love interest. I would like there to be a happy ending. I even know who I would like it to be! Whether it's realistic, or possible, or a good idea - in the book, in life - I don't know. We'll just have to see, won't we?

Meanwhile, will this interminable work day ever end? I THINK NOT.
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