Tuesday, January 25, 2005
      ( 10:05 PM ) Rebecca  
Well, I picked a fine time to go off my meds!

When I’m recovering from the loss of not one, but two relationships!

Clearly I was on drugs when I made that decision!

Or else, things just hadn’t sunk in. Like how much I hate being alone. Or not so much being alone. I actually love it. I love being alone when I write, I love watching Sex and the City and eating Thai food alone, I love going to bed alone with a good book in complete and utter silence. I even like going out to eat alone.

But it’s much harder to be alone when I feel lonely and sad. And I think you all know, if you’ve been reading this thing long enough, what does when BB feels the void of loneliness yawn around her? She does anything to avoid crossing it, include use her reserves of charm and sex appeal to find a boy – any boy! – to fill it.

And we all know where THAT’S gotten her. Yes, yes, besides a lot of hot makeout action and a book contract with a major publishing house.

It’s gotten her…here. Again! And Good Lord, it’s time for a break.

At least a week, don’t you think? Aw, come on! Whaddya mean not long enough? But it’s been ages since I’ve experienced the delights of the quivering manflesh! Library Boy and I, if you must know, were rather chaste the second time around, and for good reason – everything was a house of cards.

Sexy Boy has kindly forgiven me for my treachery, but is understandably not willing to let me rush back into his arms. At least right away. Not that I think I should, either – we had our issues, and they were serious, and to his credit, he took them to heart.

But damn if I’m not tempted to call him every single day.

I won’t, though. I won’t, I won’t, I won’t! Let him date those ditzy dimwits at the gym or the Thai restaurant or wherever he finds them, or his supremely screwed up ex-girlfirned, I don’t care.

See me not caring? I have better things to do!

Like be alone. So. Much. Fun.

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