Friday, January 07, 2005
      ( 9:27 AM ) Rebecca  
I wish it would just snow already - jeez! Everyone has been mentally preparing for the one-inch of snow we're going to receive, looking forward to their snow day, staying home from work even before it snows (because their might be ice on the road in two days!) talking about the damn snow - which, of course, has yet to appear. I'll believe it when I see it.

Meanwhile, I'm going to be a warrior and brave the bare, wet roads today to do my time at the Company - God help me if it starts to snow while I'm there and I get stranded! I'll have to live off vending machine food and criminally bad coffee,and find a stranded gazillionaire developer to snuggle up with, and perhaps marry - one who will probably have have stringy hair down to his waist with a bald spot on top (but I am so evolved I no longer care).

If I'm lucky, he will whisk me away to his McMansion in Bellevue where I can quit my job, hire a live-in chef, and work daily on my novel (commuting, of course, to the west side for coffeehouse culture)and spend evenings lounging in plush, new furniture watching movies on a giant screen TV while hubby geeks out at the office to make us more millions.

Well, you might ask, to what do we owe the honor of your attention today, Ms BB? Why aren't you off writing your book or breaking hearts or trying to work off that four pounds you gained over the holidays?

For one, I lost it already - ha!

For two, I just sent off five chapters to my editor last night, who has not yet gotten back to me about my first five chapters, which has caused a frenzy of insecurity - DOES SHE LIKE IT?? AM I DOING IT RIGHT?? CAUSE THERE ARE ONLY 7 MORE MONTHS TIL I HAVE TO FINISH IT! HAS SHE DECIDED TO CANCEL MY CONTRACT WITHOUT TELLING ME?!

Meanwhile, I must plunge ahead. I'm about to embark on rewriting my next five chapters and after that I'll be on to new material (a first draft exists of my entire book, but it is, of course, laughably bad). These revisions hurt my head, especially for the first week. I look at this stuff I've already spent SO much time writing and think how, HOW can I rewrite this AGAIN! (To fill you in, Random House wanted me to "reformat" my original submission: thus, the rewrites).

But with enough coffee, the revisions get done - SLOWLY- and then I refine, and refine, and refine. And then of course, go to work and try to summon the energy to get promoted so I don't get my a*s fired.

That, my friends, is where I really need the luck.
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