Sunday, January 23, 2005
      ( 2:02 PM ) Rebecca  
I am - DEEP BREATH - facing my demons right now, and not only that, on a 3/4 dose of a Celexa!

My demon, my #1 top demon of all time is (drumroll, please!)... Lonelines!

Yes, it is a Sunday, a pale, gray, humid Sunday on which I woke up completely alone and will go to bed completely alone, and will probably spend my day competely alone except for that one hour I'm going to spend checking out the potential bandmates I solicited on Craig's List. ("Hot female keyboard player, can't really play rock but will sure look good on stage - seeks collaborators!" The responses have been pouring in!)

I know that my parent-friends are drooling right now. "Ohhh, alone. I would cut off my right arm for an HOUR alone right now!"

The day got off to a rocky start when, craving eggs, I searched for a brunch place in Wallingford, where I could plug in my laptop and not have to wait for a table, but alas, I found the place overrun with yuppies willing to queue up for hours while drinking their Starbuck swill.

So I moved north a few blocks, to Tangletown, and lo and behold - jackpot! Free wi-fi, good coffee, no line to get in, and a breakfast menu. In addition, no big groups of happy people to make me feel pathetic for being a LONELY, TORTURED ARTIST, and *bonus* friendly male waiters provide excellent service, and who chat me up when they're not busy. Heh.

Now, for the rest of my day, instead of calling up ex-boyfriends and begging them to hang out with me, therefore falling prey to my Dark Side, I am going to meet my future potential bandmates, then treat myself to a fun, culturally enriching evening sans anyone except my delightful self.

For example, I think this movie sounds like fun, don't you? After all, who needs a man when you can watch Mt. St. Helens erupt?
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