Tuesday, December 07, 2004
      ( 9:12 AM ) Rebecca  
Ouch! The archive scrub has begun! The original breakup of Breakup Babe is slowly but surely disappearing. (But many more will stay, so never fear!)

The first entry I deleted - oh, it practically killed me. My baby! It was the young heartbroken me pouring my soul out onto this blog, not knowing if anyone would listen or care, knowing only that it made me feel better to *eviscerate* the man who had eviscerated moi. (Revenge. It's so sweet, isn't it?)

After the first one, it got easier. Not only did I delete him, I deleted her. Oh yes, my catty rants -- all gone! It will all be in the book - of course (heh heh) - but for now the L. twins have made their shuffling departure from Breakup Babe. Bah-bye. Sniff.

In other news, what else can I tell you about the Great Publishing Journey? OK - here's a tip. Do you want to get published?

Write every day.

You've heard that one before, I know. But it takes a long time to sink in. In my long and not-so-storied writing career, it wasn't until a year ago, when I did Nanowrimo that I got into the habit of writing every. single. day. I had to, to get that damn book done in a month.

I'd been relatively disciplined before. Writing a few times a week. But writing every day was a whole new thing. It got into my blood. It became a habit. I couldn't live without it. And I got shit DONE. Oh sure, I didn't excercise quite as much (though I did manage to slip a little climb up Mt. Rainier in there, thank you very much), or get to work at the crack of dawn, but mostly everything fell into place because I was doing the one thing I wanted to do most, and I was doing it every day.

Even this description makes it sound too easy. It took me years to GET to the point where I had the confidence to write at all. I spent many post-college years mooning about, wishing I were writing and not doing a damn thing about it.

More on how I got that confidence later. Hey - that was the subject of my first book - which is NEVER gonna get sold!

Oh, that's another tip: write that first-never-to-be-published book and get it out of the way.

(Hey, that sounds bleak. I didn't mean it to. Encouragement will be forthcoming, I swear.)


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