Sunday, December 05, 2004
      ( 1:20 PM ) Rebecca  
OK, so that's the way it's gonna be, huh? I've been instructed by several bossy new fans that I must now write every day.

I can try, but I can't promise. I have a book to write, after all! And very little time to write it in, lest you forget.

Also, it is a sad fact but true that my sex life is temporarily off-limits to the blog. YAWN! Same old blogger story; everyone finding the blog, etc etc. Given all that, I'm sure there are a few things we can chat about, like this:

The time is approaching when I'm going to have to scrub my archives. Yes! Read them while you can! Tales of lust and deceit, hope and despair!

Because it seems I might be going public soon and well...I won't say more. Insults have been made that need to be retracted - for the time being, anyway.

(My GOD, you're saying, could she get any more boring? No sex! No bitchiness! What next? Is she going to tell us she's gone into service for our Heavenly Father?)

So any day now you'll be seeing a family-friendly BB. But don't worry, those archives aren't going to disappear for good.

One more thing, all you lovely people out there who've sent me e-mail congratulating me etc - thank you! I do appreciate it and will try to answer your e-mail one of these days.

(Note: Any of you Seattleites out there who can recommend good places to go hang out, eat, and drink coffee with a laptop for hours on end, do let me know. I have a few faves, but am always looking for more. Wireless access not a necessity. After all, the Internet is sooo distracting!)
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