Thursday, December 09, 2004
      ( 4:11 PM ) Rebecca  
Oh NO! It's OVER! Blogger has dropped the link from its front page, and my hits have dropped precipitously and I was even going to be in a New York Times article about bloggers who got book deals (or some such fluff), and they "dropped" me due to "lack of space."

Waaahhhh! That's right - yours truly was ready to go public. Ready for my coworkers to read about my sex romps, ready for the men of my past to weep and sue, ready to come clean with a picture and everything!

Imagine the thrill yesterday when I get a call from the Times Photo Desk asking me if I want to get my picture taken today. DO I WANT TO GET MY PICTURE TAKEN TODAY? Do birds fly? Does Bush lie! YES OF COURSE I WANT MY PICTURE TAKEN FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES!

But the photo shoot never happens because I am summarily deleted. HMMPH. All I can say is that those other flash-in-the-pan bloggers better watch the f*ck out, because when I finally do break onto the scene, they're gonna have to run with their little books and hide! Who is more camera-ready, more charmant, more ready to be presented to an adoring public than BB? No one I tell you.

WHATEVER. I have a book deal and no one can take that away from me. Except, er, of course, my publisher. But let's not think about that.

Meanwhile, as my celebrity slowly ebbs away, as my readership shrinks back down to the faithful few, know this: I am working hard on that book. And it is going to be GOOD.

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