Tuesday, December 28, 2004
      ( 4:55 PM ) Rebecca  
Damn! No sooner do I make an attempt to do real work today - when everyone else is still in a food coma - then everything malfunctions. Or does something I don't understand. Or some window that I need disappears completely from my computer screen and I am much too tired to get up from my desk to find anyone who can help me - not that anyone is here, of course. Hmmph. That's what I get for my efforts to be a model employee.

I did, however, achieve the following:

1)Arrived promptly at the San Jose airport at 4:30 a.m., TWO hours before my flight back to Seattle, AS INSTRUCTED by all airport literature.

2)Wait until 5:10 a.m. for those lazy-a*s Alaska Airlines employees to get behind the counter and check me in. At least I am first in line, thereby avoiding the conflict that ensued on my way out of Seattle when I "cut" in line in front of a shrill and moronic couple who had been in line at LEAST ten minutes less than me - a conflict that might have escalated to violence had I not simply ignored their piercing accusations to all around us: HEY she CUT in FRONT of US! They finally sicced an Alaska Airlines employee on me - the same one who had "split" the line in two so that simpering, fat fools could unfairly move ahead, and when I told the airline employee my reason for "cutting," (i.e. I had been ahead of them when she split the line in two), they shrieked "LIAR!" at me, and I was summarily deported into the other line, which then proceeded to take at least another half an hour even though there were only two people in front of me.

3)Survived flight.

4)Screamed at a hapless mail-order pharmacy employee who told me they would not be able to mail me my next batch of of anti-depressants because I had received "two shipments" in October. HELLO? I so did NOT! After telling me repeatedly that she would not be able to send me another batch, I screamed at her "I don't care what happened; all I know is I NEED MY MEDICATIONS!" Clearly.

May you be as filled with the holiday spirit as I am!
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