Saturday, November 20, 2004
      ( 2:38 PM ) Rebecca  
Whoohoo, I'm a star! Gimme a swig of that vodka! Pass the cocaine, baby! After two years, Blogger finally put me on their front page! Where are my groupies? The free designer clothes?!

Oh shit, what? You mean I can't become one of those drug-addicted, alcoholic celebs yet?

I've got too much work to do? I've got to finish the book FIRST? I've got a good year and a half of working at Geeksoft left before I can join Courtney in rehab and make out with Madonna?! Meanwhile, it's gotta be clean'-livin', early-risin', 11-hour day bullsh*t.


Well, as promised, I now have to dish about my love life again because someone made a *lucky* guess about who the *lucky* man is! He appeared way back when, becoming the first acronymed boy on this site (Sexy Boy) after he strode into a party of mine right after you-know-who had flushed me down the toilet. And oh, how did my drunken, on-the-rebound self fall for him! As I say in Chapter 5 (soon to be rewritten, but never mind that):

I’d also unexpectedly developed a crush on Jack.* When he’d walked in to the party, I took one look at him and he went into soft focus. My legs became weak and I felt sparkly little stars shooting out of my eyes à la Davey Jones of the Monkees (for whom, at age 6, I’d declared my true love).

Maybe it just was the big shot of tequila I’d tossed back, but still – the feeling was so novel, yet also so familiar. That pow feeling I got in the pit of my stomach, the high that took over when hormones mixed with hope. I’d always thought Jack was cute but now that I was single, I saw him in a whole new way. God, he was sexy. Those green eyes! That strong yet comforting-looking body!

*Names have been changed to protect the not-so innocent, of course.

Two years and two months later I've actually gotten to know that "strong-yet-comforting-looking body" and mmmmm, it doesn't disappoint.

But more on that later. I've got a book to write.

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