Sunday, August 22, 2004
      ( 6:25 PM ) Rebecca  
Well! Now that I'm not dishing about my evil ex OR my current beau, what the hell, I ask you, am I supposed to talk about. Sheesh! When did I become so virtuous anyway?

Is it because I'm in loooooove perhaps? Is that why I took down that post with those two *just very slightly* negative comments about Library Boy, whereas I normally have no hesitation in ripping my various useless boytoys to shreds?

No! I swear! Not yet anyway. And I am not - hear this - NOT FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN UNLESS ITS FOREVER AND EVER!

Oh crap. Who am I kidding? Most love lasts a few years at most before something horrible happens - someone has an affair or contracts a wasting disease, or declares that they actually love goats.

But anyway, I want Library Boy, if he somehow does turn out to be the Man of my Dreams (not that such a thing exists) to be able to read this blog someday and feel good about it.

Because I certainly can't keep it a secret much longer. Not least because in a month I'm speaking on a panel at Richard Hugo House with a few other tres accomplished people, and I want to tell him about it! And too, let's not forget about the book, shall we?

If all goes to my evil master plan, the world will soon know about my blog! "Breakup Babe" will be feted and toasted the world round! "Hear hear for Breakup Babe, who added something to the chick lit genre that was not completely idiotic, and who taught us something about loss, love, and laughter in the process!"

Ahem. So in conclusion, Library Boy is going to find out about the blog sooner or later, and if we're still together when that happens I don't want him to read bad sh*t about himself. Because this guy, believe it or not, is one hell of a nice guy -- which will probably spell our doom but a girl can hope, can't she?

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