Wednesday, July 21, 2004
      ( 7:36 PM ) Rebecca  
Well, you'll be disappointed to know I have downgraded my crush on the Charming Canadian from Promising to Mostly Hopeless status.

This hurts me more than it hurts you, believe me. That crush was my raison d'etre for the last three weeks! It gave me - oh so briefly - my joie de vivre back! Oh, that dark hair. That fair skin. Those forest green eyes and thick black lashes. Those long, chatty e-mails he wrote me from abroad!

Well. Ever since he went off on vacation with that little Canadian ho', things have just not been the same. Oh, now that he's back at work (up in CANADA for crying out loud, because apparently he  can he not get enough of this girl, despite the fact that she's just going to give him and STD  dump him for someone with more stock options!), I've seen him online.

But does he make an effort to chat with me?  Me! The chattiest, most charming girl out there! No he does not.

(F*cking IM. Why I ever thought it was a good idea to be "buddies" with him I'll never know.  Lack of s*x could be making me delusional.)

Oh initiatied chats with him. Naturally.   Because much as I'd like to be cool and aloof, when I'm in the vise of a crush, I'm *hot*, *wild", and *out of control*! And he is quite friendly, of course, as his his wont, but -

Hear this. I am NOT IMing him first ever AGAIN. Got that? EVER. AGAIN. Because this crush is now officially Mostly Hopeless, so let's move on to more promising territory, shall we?

OK, I'm finally giving this guy an acronym, because we've been on two and half dates, and we're about to go on a third, and because he is tres cool.

I've been a tad afraid to write about him, because in a stunning faux pas, I accidentally sent him e-mail from my Breakup Babe address when we first met! (gasp!) But I have since been quiet as a mouse about my blog (who me, blog? what's a blog?) and as far as I know, he hasn't found it. Then again, he could be a tricky sort!

Nonetheless, it's time to introduce him because he's become a player. We'll call him - da na naah! - Corliss Guy (CG),the name my brilliant friend A.B. came up with - because - get this - he lives on Corliss!

This boy worked at The Company for many years (read: loaded!) and is now living a life of ease and writing plays. On top of being smart, he is also funny, intellectual, and an attractive combo of nerdy and hip with his jet black hair and black-framed glasses. In addition, he is not young enough to be my son! The loaded thing? Well, that's just a bonus now, isn't it? 

This particular relationship I would rate as Promising But Needs Passion. As in, I really like hanging around this guy, but I have yet to get the flutter in my stomach. I feel that I could get it, though, I really do! And the kind of relationship where it grows over time, well, those are usually the best of all.

Meanwhile I went on a blind date last with a set-up who was surprisingly sexy. Too bad he didn't try to kiss me cause I was all in the mood to get down and make out (except for my onion breath).

So stay tuned as the summer wears on, I drown my sorrows over the Charming Canadian in more pink drinks and hot dates, and my outfits get skimpier yet!

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