Thursday, July 01, 2004
      ( 9:29 AM ) Rebecca  
Well, pardonnez-moi. I've been using whatever creative energy I have for crafting a single daily e-mail to the Charming Canadian (as I have dubbed the latest and greatest love object of your favorite boy-crazy blogger), who, as we speak is hobnobbing in foreign lands with wealthy execs, teaching them exactly how to deploy Company products to their greatest advantage!

These e-mails must be witty (it goes without saying). They must be friendly - with just a hint of romantic interest, but not too much. Not too long, of course, but they need to pack a punch. To make an impression. To jump out at CC from his state-of-the-art laptop in his top-of-the-line hotel room (where at this very moment he might be wearing a paper-thin, complimentary robe*) and say "Me! Look at me, CC! I'm; smart; clever; fun; adorable!"

To my delight, after our coffee non-date, CC needed only the slightest bit of encouragement to move away from his overly-formal, work-related correspondence with me (signed "Regards, CC") to a fun, personal one during his business trip.

And so, I continue to hope. That when he gets back we can continue to get to know each other and explore what seems to be a mutual interest. Note that I did not say, that when he gets back we can get married! You thought I was going to, didn't you?

No, no, no. I've learned my lesson. Don't plan the wedding until you've had at least three dates!

Kidding. Aw, leave me alone, would ya? YES, I have a life. A very busy one, in fact. Most of my creative energy actually goes towards, what else - ye olde book, which I should be writing at this very second, instead of penning this fluff.

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