Friday, July 09, 2004
      ( 9:24 AM ) Rebecca  

Did I ever happen to mention, by chance, that love sucks? Oh yes, I may have mentioned that once or twice, but in case I haven't, LOVE SUCKS.

I feel so much better now that I've gotten that out. Wait, actually, you know what? I DON'T.

So I at last went on a quasi-date with the Charming Canadian last night. Away from The Company! He was sweet and flirtatious and engaging as ever, and for better or worse, honest and straightforward enough to tell me about this other girl who is in the picture.

#$(*! @#!

Did I mention I don't like other girls? Oh yes, I may have mentioned that once or twice, but in case I haven't, I DON'T LIKE OTHER GIRLS.

Anyway, The Other Girl (TOG) hails from the frozen North as well and is coming down to visit CC next week - yes NEXT WEEK, during which time, the implication was, their "friendship" might become something more. And then he goes back up to Canada for a week and you KNOW WHAT?

That's just FINE. FINE, DO YOU HEAR ME? They can HAVE EACH OTHER! Because I, my friends, am going to spend the next two weeks drinking! Yes, drinking and wearing skimpy clothing and having lots and lots and LOTS of fun. So much fun that I won't be able to remember it all!

And if he comes back and things haven't worked out with TOG and he says, oh, BB, I want to date you - I will say, "Oh reallly???? Is that soooo? Then stand in line buddy!! Oh - and did I mention that right after my date with you I went on another date - yes, back to back dates, that right - with a handsome, funny, rich, available man? Well I DID."

So there.

I'm off to get drunk now. Anyone want to join me?
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